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    NGIG R&D Consultancy

    About Next Gen of Immunology

    • NextGen of Immunology (NGIg1 DMCC) is a Dubai-based consultancy directed by Dr. Rasha Msallam.
    • We aim to pave the way for our clients to translate their ideas into applicable scientific projects and to obtain impactful outcomes.
    • We support academic institutes, clinicians, and industry stakeholders to establish and enjoy conducting immunological experiments.
    • Our experimental assistance could start from the project’s design and continues towards problem-solving and troubleshooting and data analysis.
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    Experimental Consulting

    • Design preclinical murine experimental strategies for cancer,
      autoimmune diseases (EAE), allergic diseases (Asthma and skin
      allergies),and atopic dermatitis in in-vivo and ex-vivo.
    • Assistance in Validating the immunologic imprints of a tested target in preclinical settings.
    • Assistance in Optimizing multicolor conventional or high
      dimensional flow cytometry panels in mouse and human.
    • Assistance in Optimizing multiplex immunofluorescence (Multiplex-IF) staining for imaging.
    • Assistance in writing IACUCs and IRBs.
    • Help bridging collaborations between clients and companies
      developing cutting-edge biotechnologies.
    NGIG R&D Consultancy

    Educational Consulting

    Post-Experimental Consulting (PEC)

    • Analyzing high dimensional flow cytometry data.
    • Immunological interpretation of in-vitro and ex-vivo assays.
    • Analysing multiplex-IF images and develop quantification macros.
    • Help bridging collaborations between clients and companies
      developing cutting-edge biotechnologies for the next step of the
    • Biological assessment in multi-omics data.
    NGIG R&D Consultancy

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